Saturday, December 5, 2009

memory foam

memory foam         © KatZolitaMason 2009

Getting my back and neck fixed recently from injuries sustained in a car accident has involved buying a pillow to support my neck made out of "memory foam".  
So I lay on my bed and fantasized about memory foam....What is it really?!

Then I imagined that our memories, if seen visually, could be described as a kind of "colored-foam" rising into the air, dancing before our eyes. My memories were multi-colored like bubble-bath-foam and they popped and sparkled as they rose and floated about my room like clouds.
It was such fun lying on my bed watching them!
Then I saw that some of the memories were dark and black
obscuring the others...

So I pursed my lips and I began to blow the dark memories 
away, -far out of the way of the others....Up up they went! Until they had gone so far I could barely see them anymore. Then they flew through the ceiling and lifted into the sky above.... 

I didn't have to blow very hard because they barely weighed a thing although their color was dark black and had the power to block out the light of the others.

So now this “fairy-without-a-neckbrace”, - me- but WITH a memory foam pillow has a cure for her blues
or blacks or brown study's, however you want to color it.

"Who would've thought memories could be so light" I thought?
They had always seemed so very heavy before.

By the way, jut as a note of interest to you!
“Don Juan”, a Shaman, in Carlos Castaneda’s books (have you read them?) says that we store our memories physically in our bodies and that they are held in our thighs.  
“Don Juan” recommends massaging your thighs as a healing cure for bad memories.

It’s not an old fishwives tale – it’s an old magic
shamans tale…. "shaman de wop shaman de wah"

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